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Từ điển Việt Anh (Vietnamese English Dictionary)

Flesh, pulp (of fruit)
dọn một mâm cơm to lay a meal on a tray
làm cơm thết khách to prepare a meal to entertain guests
cửa hàng bán cơm bữa a table d'ho^te restaurant
đi ở cơm không to be a servant on board-wages
chuyện cơm bữa common occurence
cơm áo gạo tiền daily necessaries
cơm hàng cháo chợ without a settled home

flesh; pulp (of fruit)
Dọn một mâm cơm
To lay a meal on a tray
Làm cơm thết khách
To prepare a meal to entertain guests
Cửa hàng bán cơm bữa
A table d'hôte restaurant
Đi ở cơm không
To be a servant on board-wages
Chuyện cơm bữa
Common occurence
cooked rice
Cơm (cooked rice) is made from different kinds of rice. Typically fragrant rice is used, such as Tam Thom and Nang Huong. To the Vietnamese people, Com is used for the main meals of the day (lunch and dinner). Rice is eaten together with a variety of different dishes. An ordinary meal may include rice and the following:
- Mon an kho (meal without soup) consists of dishes of pork, fish, shrimp and vegetable stirred in fat, as well as vegetable pickles...
- Mon canh (soup) consists of soup made with pork or spare-ribs, crab meat and fish.
cơm thừa canh cặn
leftover meal or food, table leavings (left for hirelings)
cơm lành canh ngọt
good meal
cơm nhà việc người
eat one's own rice but to care for other's affairs
cơm niêu nước lọ
live on simple fare
cơm no áo ấm
have abundant clothing and food, be fairly well off; have enough food and clothing
cơm no rượu say
have eaten and drunk one's fill
cơm bưng nước rót
get red carpet treatment, be treated like a king
cơm chẳng lành canh chẳng ngọt
both the rice and the soup don't taste good, discord between husband and wife, family squabbles
cơm gà cá gỏi
dainty/delicate dish, delicacy
cơm hàng cháo chợ
without a settled home, with (of) no fixed abode
cơm áo gạo tiền
daily necessaries
giá áo túi cơm
cơm thì rau đau thì thuốc
when you eat it's vegetables, when you are sick, it's medicine
động từ
(tiếng lóng) walk off with
ai đã cơm mất của tôi cái bút rồi
someone has walked off with my pen

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