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Defining and explaining

Defining and explaining Thesaurus+ Level 2 (104)
account noun 2 report
account for something phrasal verb
account to somebody for something phrasal verb
accountability noun
adduce verb
adumbrate verb
adumbration noun
annotation noun
argue verb 2 give reasons
assign verb 4 choose
belabour verb 1 explain
bill somebody as something phrasal verb
bring something home idiom
cast verb 3 light
cast light on something idiom
characterization noun 2 quality
characterize verb 2
chronicle verb 2
clarification noun
clarify verb 1 explain
come down to something phrasal verb 2
convey verb 1 communicate
crystallize verb 2
definable adjective
define verb 1 explain; verb 2 explain
definition noun 3 explain
delineate verb
delineation noun
demystify verb
demythologize verb
describe verb 1
description noun 2; noun 3
descriptive adjective 1; adjective 2
disabuse verb
elucidate verb
enlighten verb
Every picture tells a story idiom
evocation noun
evocatively adverb
excuse noun 3; noun 4
explain verb 1; verb 2
explain something away phrasal verb
explaining noun
explanatory adjective
explicable adjective
explicably adverb
explicate verb
expound verb
extenuate verb
extenuating adjective
fill somebody in phrasal verb
frame verb 1 express
get something across phrasal verb
give verb 10 cause
gloss verb 2 explanation
go over something phrasal verb 2 study
hit the nail on the head idiom
illuminate verb 2
illustrate verb 1 explain
indefinable adjective
indefinably adverb
indescribable adjective
indescribably adverb
inexpressibly adverb
it's a long story idiom
justify verb 1; verb 2
message noun 4 idea
nail something down phrasal verb 2 understand
outline noun 3 description; verb 2 describe
paint a black picture of something idiom
pinpoint verb 2
profile verb
put flesh on something idiom
rationalize verb 1 explain
romance verb 1
rough something out phrasal verb
schematic adjective
schematically adverb
set something forth phrasal verb
set something out phrasal verb 1 details
set the scene idiom 1
sharpen verb 4 clear
sketch something out phrasal verb
sound noun 5 seem
spell something out phrasal verb
survey noun 3 examining
take somebody through something phrasal verb
term verb 15 rules
that is to say... idiom
thumbnail sketch noun
trace verb 4 find
undefinable adjective
unfold verb 3 develop
unpack verb 2 explain
viz adverb
walk somebody through something phrasal verb
What is he like? idiom
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