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I.loud1 S2 W3 /laʊd/ BrE AmE adjective (comparative louder, superlative loudest)
[Word Family: adverb: ↑aloud, ↑loud, ↑loudly; noun: ↑loudness; adjective: ↑loud]
[Language: Old English; Origin: hlud]
1. making a lot of noise OPP quiet:
The book fell to the floor with a loud bang.
The music was so loud that I had to shout.
‘Who’s there?’ asked David in a loud voice.
2. someone who is loud talks too loudly and confidently:
The more Tom drank, the louder he became.
3. loud clothes are too bright or have too many bright patterns SYN garish, gaudy:
a loud checked suit
4. be loud in your praise/opposition/support etc to express your approval or disapproval very strongly:
The local business community was loud in its support for the scheme.
—loudly adverb:
Ben laughed loudly.
She spoke more loudly than she intended.
—loudness noun [uncountable]
• • •
loud making a lot of noise – used about sounds, voices, or music: a loud explosion | He was talking in a very loud voice. | The music was too loud.
noisy making a lot of noise – used about people, machines, and places that annoy you: The traffic was so noisy. | noisy neighbours | a noisy bar
rowdy rowdy people behave in a noisy and uncontrolled way. A rowdy place such as a bar is full of noisy people, often behaving badly: rowdy football fans | a rowdy bar
raucous /ˈrɔːkəs $ ˈrɒː-/ especially written unpleasantly loud – used about the excited sound of groups of people: raucous laughter | raucous crowds
resounding [only before noun] used to describe a loud noise when something hits another thing, that seems to continue for a few seconds. Also used about people cheering or shouting loudly: The door hit the wall with a resounding crash. | a resounding cheer
very loud
thunderous extremely loud and deep in sound: His remarks received thunderous applause from the audience.
deafening /ˈdefənɪŋ/ so loud that you cannot hear anything else: The noise was deafening – like a thousand fireworks going off at one time. | People living near airports suffer the deafening sound of aircraft taking off and landing.
ear-splitting so loud that your ears feel uncomfortable: He played the music at ear-splitting volume.
piercing extremely loud, high, and unpleasant to hear: a piercing scream
loud sound/voice/music
noisy person/place/machine/traffic
rowdy crowd/fans/bar
raucous laughter/crowd/atmosphere
resounding thud/crash/cheer/applause
thunderous applause
deafening sound/noise
piercing voice/scream/whistle/sound
II.loud2 S3 BrE AmE adverb
(comparative louder, superlative loudest)
[Word Family: adverb
: ↑aloud, ↑loud, ↑loudly; noun: ↑loudness; adjective: ↑loud]
1. spoken in a way that makes a lot of noise SYN loudly:
Could you speak a little louder?
You’ve got the telly on too loud.
2. loud and clear in a way that is very easy to understand:
The message came through loud and clear.
3. out loud in such a way that people can hear you SYN aloud:
Read it out loud, so we can all hear.
Harriet laughed out loud in astonishment.
actions speak louder than words at ↑action1(13), ⇨ for crying out loud at ↑cry1(4)



The opposite of loud is quiet.

tính từ
to, ầm ĩ, inh ỏi (tiếng)
a loud cry
một tiếng kêu to
a loud report
một tiếng nổ lớn
nhiệt liệt, kịch liệt
to be loud in the praise of somebody
nhiệt liệt ca ngợi ai
a loud protest
sự phản kháng kịch liệt
sặc sỡ, loè loẹt (màu sắc)
thích ồn ào, thích nói to (người)
phó từ
to, lớn (nói)
don't talk so loud
đừng nói to thế
to laugh loud and long
cười to và lâu
actions speak louder than words
làm có ý nghĩa hơn nói
for crying out loud
làm gì mà ầm ĩ thế?
out loud
to tiếng, lớn tiếng

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