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motor vehicle

a self-propelled wheeled vehicle that does not run on rails
automotive vehicle
Members of this Topic:
undercoated, undersealed, steering system, steering mechanism, roadworthiness,
smash, smash-up
self-propelled vehicle
amphibian, amphibious vehicle, bloodmobile, car, auto,
automobile, machine, motorcar, doodlebug, four-wheel drive, 4WD,
go-kart, golfcart, golf cart, hearse, motorcycle, bike,
snowplow, snowplough, truck, motortruck
Part Meronyms:
airbrake, bodywork, brake system, brakes, cab,
car wheel, chassis, cooling system, engine cooling system, drive line, drive line system,
electrical system, fuel system, gearshift, gearstick, shifter, gear lever,
hand brake, emergency, emergency brake, parking brake, internal-combustion engine, ICE,
odometer, hodometer, mileometer, milometer, pedal, treadle,
foot pedal, foot lever, power brake, second gear, second, speedometer,
speed indicator, suspension, suspension system, windshield, windscreen, windshield wiper,
windscreen wiper, wiper, wiper blade

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